As the bride-to-be, your wedding dress is a key consideration. But don’t forget your bridesmaids - finding the right bridesmaid dress is a very important part of your wedding planning.

Ask for their suggestions

Let your bridesmaids know what your wedding theme and colour scheme are (if you have one), and ask for their input. Not everyone looks great in a fitted shift dress, or you may have someone who is very self conscious about their arms. Having these discussions early will help avoid later upset.

Let them help you with your research

Your friends know better than anyone what suits them, and may have some great ideas about suitable bridesmaid dresses. Consider setting up a Pinterest board or a closed Facebook group to share ideas.

Keep it simple

A simple, classic style is most likely to suit most body shapes, and your bridesmaids will want to look good in the wedding pictures too. Try to take everyone along together to try on different styles - ‘click and collect’ services offered by the big department stores are great for this as you can guarantee the sizes you want will be available to try. Alternatively, consider choosing a colour or fabric and letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress (with your input, of course!).

Be realistic

Have the discussion about budgets before you start to look around. Your best friend might love that thousand pound dress she’s spotted, but it probably doesn’t suit your purse. Similarly, if your friends are buying their own bridesmaid dresses, make sure you know what they can afford to spend - and take shoes and accessories into consideration, too. They may be much more inclined to buy a dress you love if they think they can wear it again after your wedding day.

Be practical

Whatever you choose, check with your bridesmaids that they are happy to buy and wear the appropriate underwear. Strapless dresses aren’t for everyone.

It’s still about the Bride!

Your bridesmaid dresses need to complement your wedding dress - so choose a style that works with your look, but that isn’t too similar.

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