How to buy your perfect

wedding dress

Phase Eight - Bridesmaid Style Guide

Let’s be honest, trying on wedding dresses is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. That magical moment when you know you’ve found the one is a feeling you just can’t bottle.

However, it can be daunting to know where to start, so here is our guide to buying the perfect wedding dress:

1. Most importantly, choose a wedding dress that reflects your personality and personal style, that way you’ll feel completely at ease and utterly beautiful on your big day.

2. If you want to take along people when you try on dresses, make sure you trust their opinions and will give you honest feedback. Or why not go alone and use your instincts to discover what you really want.

3. Try a range of styles, even those you hadn’t previously considered. You never know how they might fit and you could find the dream dress you never knew you wanted.

4. Find the silhouette that works best for you and truly flatters your body shape. Our personal stylists are experts and are on hand to help, simply book an appointment here.

5. If you would rather cover your arms or are having a winter wedding, consider a matching cover-up such as a bolero, shrug or cape with a short sleeved dress. Alternatively, look to our Cadie or Cressida sleeved dresses.

6. Try your wedding dress on with shoes of a similar height to those you’re going to wear on your wedding day to get the right length.

7. Consider the location and time of year, a beach wedding in July calls for a different style of dress than a traditional church service in November.

8. Finally, always listen to your instincts, when you try on the perfect dress, you will just know.