2017 Gender Pay Gap Statement

Benjamin Barnett, CEO

At Phase Eight we are proud of having a diverse workforce and attracting applicants of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities and believe we must support this equality through fair pay.

As part of this we are confident that women and men are paid equally for doing the equivalent jobs across our business. Whilst on first glance, our published gender pay gap figures suggest the average man has a higher hourly rate of pay, than the average female, this is misleading and does not reflect the true story and culture within the Phase Eight business.

The figures result from the fact that, as a women’s fashion retailer, the staff in our stores are overwhelmingly female, whilst our corporate head office staff (whose pay rates are typically higher) are more evenly split between men and women. This will cause significant disparity across our results where this imbalance is not taken into consideration. Similar issues will apply to other organisations in the women’s fashion retail sector.

The supporting statement below sets out to provide further evidence on the points above and our continued dedication to gender pay equality at Phase Eight. At the same time we are never complacent, so we also set out the steps we take to ensure that we keep this under review and make improvements wherever possible.

Phase Eight – All Retail Staff

Whilst we treat all applicants equally, as a women’s fashion retailer we find that we largely attract female applicants to work in our stores, with many applicants telling us that this is driven by their passion for our products and interest in women’s fashion. At the snapshot date, 5 April 2017, we employed 1710 female employees and 44 male employees. 39 of our 44 male employees were employed in our corporate head office.

At Phase Eight our retail and corporate areas have distinct pay structures, which are appropriate and marked to market for the roles within each of the areas. Within each of these areas, we are confident that women and men are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs. In order to achieve this, we seek to ensure our policies and processes are fair and consistent, especially around recruitment and selection, pay reviews, performance reviews and bonus payment practices.

By way of illustration of this, if we remove corporate staff our gender pay gap figures just for retail staff are as follows (a “negative” number indicates that the average female earns more than the average male):

Phase Eight - Total

Judith Bremner, Brand Director

The below chart illustrates the gender distribution across the Phase Eight field based workforce in four equally sized quartiles. As is clear from the chart, there is a material variance in the proportion of males and females in the top pay quartile, versus that in the lowest pay quartile. There is also a material and opposite variance in the proportion of males and females receiving bonus. As set out above, both of these factors are driven by the fact that, with the exception of 5 male employees within our retail stores, all male employees at Phase Eight are employed in corporate head office roles, where standard pay rates (including ours) are typically higher, but where the opportunity to earn bonus is lower.

Our commitments

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed by Benjamin Barnett, Chief Executive Officer.
Benjamin Barnett 1st January 2018