This year, we’re introducing you to some amazing small businesses we love, starting with Lindsay from Linden Tree Flowers.

She shows us how to make our very own ultimate Christmas decoration: the festive wreath.

She shows us how to make our very own ultimate Christmas decoration: the festive wreath.

Watch this video and follow our
step by step guide below

Step 1:
make the
moss base

Attach your reel wire to your base with simply twist, grab a handful of moss and bind it onto the frame with the wire.

Continue until the whole base is covered then cut your wire and poke it back into the moss to avoid sharp edges.

"We use moss as it holds moisture and helps to keep your materials fresher for longer."

"Why not try creating a pattern by alternating each different variety as you go?"

Step 2:
Add your

Cut your foliage (one variety or a mix) into small sections and bind your first piece onto the base using your reel wire, like we did in step one.

Layer up your foliage, making sure they are all facing in the same direction, that all moss is covered and that you are binding your wire over the stem end of each piece.

Continue until your whole wreath is covered then cut your wire and push it back into the moss.

Step 3:
wire your

You will need to wire each of your materials so that they can be attached to your wreath.

Some items may already be wired but if not, use florist's wire to give you something to secure it to your base with.

If you don't have wires then a hot glue gun can also be used to secure decorations.

"Decorate to your own personal festive style. Try natural decorations like pine cones and cinnamon sticks or add sparkle with baubles and ribbons."

"There are no rights or wrongs - just have fun and make a wreath personal to you!"

Step 4 :
Now we

Decide on where you want to place your decorations and carefully push your wire all the way through the foliage and moss layer.

When the wire appears on the other side trim it down and bend it over to form a hook.

Carefully push the hook that you have made back into the moss so no sharp pieces of wire stick out.

Loop a piece of string around the base and tie securely. Your wreath may be quite heavy, so make sure you've got a strong enough fixture to hold it. And there you have it!