What’s the inspiration
behind this print?

“We wanted to focus on the wild flower element, that the florals in the print could be taken from your English garden in the summertime, such as clematises, anemones, ranunculus', pansies and peonies.” - Rebecca

Floral motifs are staple prints
here at Phase Eight, how have
you made these florals feel so
fresh this season?

“Yes we love a floral design! But it’s about the colours and about the flowers you pick. Florists are great to look at, there’s lots of cool florists in East London doing new and exciting things. Floral paintings were also great references for us for this collection - as was Kew’s Botanical Garden.“ - Chloe

What’s the process of
creating this beautiful print?

“Catwalks drive the rest of the team so that affects us, so we knew we would be designing a floral! Sometimes we find an artist we’re really inspired by and try out different styles. We’ve got lots of beautiful floral photography books to look at and then we took a field trip to Kew’s botanical gardens. We then decided on a style we were going to paint them in where we divided up the flowers between us and took a couple of days to free flow paint. After we finished painting, we scanned it in and work on repeats, where we played around with placements, colourways and line drawing shapes.
Then we put them on CAD to visually see what the collection looks like.” - Rebecca